Responsive frameworks and Drupal 8: Bootstrap 4 and Foundation 6.


The first impression is always important and affects many projects, concepts and wireframes.

Bootstrap 4 and Foundation 6 are the leading responsive front end frameworks. They are used by large and small projects around the world to build prototypes as well as to act as a front end to web applications. With some minor differences, both frameworks consist of three major components:
- responsive grids to fit any kind of device using responsive design;
- CSS styles for major HTML elements: forms, tables, lists, navigation items;
- Java Script extensions (plugged individually) to allow additional functionality such as responsive images, carousel, sliders, accordions, modal windows;

This presentation will cover:
- main components of frameworks (latest versions) & comprising
- using frameworks as libraries in Drupal 8
- using frameworks in Drupal 8 themes
- further extending Drupal with Foundation and Bootstrap

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