Scalable cloud based e-commerce platform on Drupal with a common back office for managing sales of entry passes to multiple events


Last year, we had worked on a cloud based platform on Drupal to sell entry passes to various events. The key idea was to implement a system that is capable of spawning any number of front end portals - through which users purchase entry passes for events and a single backend system which can be used for publishing events, manage prices, manage orders as well as allocate entry passes associated with the event.

The front-end portals showcase events under a specific category Eg.Music or subcategory Eg. Classical. Some of those portals are multilingual, some sites have country based domains - which show case similar events, but display different images, content or price for the event. Eg. it is possible to have and which sell entry passes of same events, but with different prices or currency.

With Drupal 7, Domain Access, Drupal Commerce, Apache Solr and other contributed modules, we were able to quickly setup the base platform and on top of that we have implemented more than 100,000 lines of code spanned in 16 custom modules.

In this presentation I would like to explain

  1. Why we choose Drupal for this project and how it helped us achieve the goal.
  2. Challenges we faced during the execution of the project and how we handled that.
  3. Lesson learned and take aways.
  4. Contributions on the line - as part of this project.

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Case Studies

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When & Where

Saturday, 20 February, 2016 - 16:00 to 17:00
Hall 22 | TATA Consultancy Services