Securing PHP and Drupal Web Application


Application security is one of the major concerns for any web-based application as any one can reach your application through Internet. It becomes especially important in case your application have financial or confidential information.

Is your PHP or Drupal application secure? Well no one except you can answer it. You have to ensure security of your application. PHP and Drupal provide all the tools to write secure application but if you make a mistake, security of your application will be compromised.

In this session, we will understand how to write secure web applications in Drupal or PHP or in any programming language in general.

This session will first introduce you about OWASP top 10. OWASP top 10 is an awareness document about top ten most critical web application security flaws. We will go through all of these top ten security flaws, understand what they are and how can we make our PHP or Drupal application secure against them.

In second part of the session, we will go through some of the security best practices that we must always follow to minimize security risks.

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