Site Building Receipe: Best Practices & Innovation in CMI to Site builders


The Configuration Management Initiative (CMI) also sometimes called 'better features in core', is an effort in Drupal 8 to make it easier to export the configuration of the site through a UI using the features module.  Drupal 7 currently has a problem with the separation of configuration from content, configuration management in Drupal 8 on a managed workflow seems to offer many benefits over the older version.  Configuration is totally separated out into YAML files. These files can then be committed into Version Control System like code, providing accountability and the ability to audit configuration changes.

This session will draw on presenter's experience to help everyone in the audience level with all the best practices for managing configurations in Drupal , also it  will provide the information needed to make informed decisions about how your custom code can, and should, talk to Drupal in order to uphold best practices and write modules that are easy to maintain and play well with others in a post hook world, also covers on possible/suggested approaches in managing the configuration.

This session also provides an overview of how configuration management fits in to Drupal 8 before becoming a technical dive into the features it gives to the Site builders and developers. Answering questions like "What is a configuration entity?", "What's a schema?" and "Optional configuration, what's that?" the session will give the audience technical information on how to use the system. The session will conclude the advanced topic of configuration dependencies and how they are used to make Drupal 8 robust and awesome.


  • Best practices to configuration management - Customers value adds.
  • Configuration overview.
  • Industry best practices
  • Drupal 8 - Innovation in CMI to Site builders

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Site Building

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