Spreading brightness of Drupal as Career

Ujval Shah

Wow, It's an Era of Drupal, isn't it ?

I used to take a regular Drupal session and workshop at different colleges and universities in Gujarat, India. As per my knowledge there are very less number of educational institutions who have adopted Drupal in their course curriculum.

In Corporate layer also, there are very less focused and standard Drupalers.

We have now grown to Drupal-8, It's time to take an initiative to bring an eye of not only educational system but other technology geeks too on Drupal.


Session will cover following topics.

  • Drupal in Educational Institution
  • Scholarship Programs
  • Drupal Mentoring
  • Drupal Certifications
  • Drupal Cracking Courses
  • Drupal Training Centers
  • Drupal Code sprints
  • Technology Migration Programs (Symfony to Drupal)

Session Format:

Session will be an interactive, which includes explanation of above topics and discussion with attendees.

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Experience Level


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