Tools to help people contribute like dreditor, code sniffer,,


This would be very interesting session for the attendees those who would like to contribute but afraid of various processes. I will give some practical examples and will show live demo of these tools. My motive behind this session is to encourage drupal developers and solve their doubts while contribution. I will explain how contribution will help in their career. Some brief details about various tools

Dreditor: Dreditor (short for "Drupal editor") started as a simple idea for a (greasemonkey) browser user script to help module maintainers, Drupal core maintainers, and developers in general to review patches on

Code Sniffer: Writing standards-compliant code in Drupal 7 doesn't have to be hard! Using the power of a modern IDE, it can help to show you where you're going wrong, and ensure that all your code is standards-compliant. Here, we'll take a look at setting up JetBrains PhpStorm (our favourite IDE) to show you coding standards problems, but any IDE with CodeSniffer support will be able to do this, so it's likely Eclipse, NetBeans, and others will also help you out in the same way. It helps you to find the module, theme or distribution that fits your needs. It provides sandbox environments for testing the functionality of any project before even downloading it. This service performs automated reviews of projects using klausi's script. It is intended to ease the review of project applications but can be used to check any other project as well. This online service provides the recent pareview script without installing a local testing environment.

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