Twig - A Template Engine

Ujval Shah


Drupal 8 has many new exciting features, one of them is an open door to new template engine called, "Twig". This session will give you an understanding of the key concepts of Twig.


Session will cover following topics:

  • Introduction of Twig
  • PHPTemplate v/s Twig theming
  • Working With Twig Templates
  • Debugging Twig templates
  • Modifying Variables in Twig Templates
  • Key Functions - In Twig Templates
  • Best practices - preprocess functions and templates
  • Theme Drupal 8 Vanilla Site

Session Format:

Session will be an interactive, which includes explanation of above topics and live demo of Theming Drupal 8 vanilla site during the session.

Targeted Audience:

  • Drupalers
  • Themers
  • Front End Developers

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