Unearth fresh talent into a Pro Drupal Developer


The session aims to educate the audience on the best ways to train a fresher into Drupal. There is a huge gap between academics and industries, at least with Indian colleges. We train freshers into good Drupal developers every year and do it pretty well. There are some defined steps which will help the audience understand what brings up the best practices right from day 1. 

We will talk about:

  1. How to get started with the basics of Web
  2. How to apply the basics of HTML5, CSS3, Compass, etc
  3. How to educate yourself with the basics of PHP, MySQL, LAMP Stack
  4. How to start understanding Drupal
  5. How to start building sites in Drupal and understand the underlying technology and the basic architecture
  6. How to start using the most common contributed modules and develop a basic understanding
  7. How to write custom code - patches, adding features to contrib modules, create your own module
  8. How to theme the site and understand responsiveness
  9. How to use GIT, Project Management Tools, Drush to improve your performance

We will touch the basics of the ways we go about it. Also, we will do an interactive session with the beginners at the end and show them how does a beginner go about an activity and how does an experienced guy deal with the same thing. 

It is important to the businesses as we feel that there is a huge amount of talent left unexplored in freshers and can contribute a lot to the Indian Drupal community. They need to be shown the right direction. And the community can grow a lot more. 

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