What’s new in PHP 7, for developers and for stakeholders?


PHP 7 is supposed to be released by end 2015. So it will be released at least a couple of months before Drupal con Asia 2016.

This session will provide a guided tour of PHP 7 to the users. Session will be divided in following parts:

  1. History
    1. History of PHP, and where is PHP 6?
    2. Impact of Hack, HHVM, Zephir and other programming languages.
    3. What was PHP NG?
  2. Design goals of PHP 7
  3. What’s new in PHP 7 for stakeholders?
    1. Execution speed (with few live examples/graphs)
    2. Memory consumption (With few stats)
  4. What’s new in PHP 7 for developers?
    1. New features with examples, possible use cases of new features.
  5. Preparing for migration
    1. All stake holders would obviously like to take advantage of better execution speed and efficient memory consumption of PHP 7. So sooner or later, all projects will have to migrate to PHP 7. What can we do now in small steps so that migration of our legacy application/drupal project remains easier.
    2. Deprecated features in PHP 7, how to replace them in our code?

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Coding and Development

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