What Digital Marketers expect: Today's Web Experience Management Solutions


Working as a Solution Architect with Acquia, I have assisted in a number of solutions being architected and presented to the new age marketing teams. They have a lot of expectations from our technologies and solutions. So let me share with you my experiences in working with them.

Let me also demonstrate the powerful "Demo Framework" distribution that is available to setup powerful and meaningful demos for your potential customers.

Some of the important use cases:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Landing page creators without developers
  • Automatic responsive front end.
  • Content editing tools - Inline editing, Media embeders,
  • Content re-use
  • Process workflows, Workbench.
  • Integration with Analytics tools, Marketing Tools
  • A/B headline testing
  • Social Media: Social Login, Publish on Social platforms, Pull content from Social Platforms, Social widgets.
  • Where to start from - Demo Framework & Lightning.
  • Drupal 7 version and a early Drupal 8 version too.


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Site Building

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