What is strategy? How is culture built?


Strategy is about 'what not do do'

Small tech services companies often start to work on whatever opportunities come calling. They design their organisation without careful and purposeful thought. They hire managers without consideration of their cultural-fit in the organisation. They define mission and vision statements which become an artefact on the wall — and not a lived purpose. They often have never dabbled with defining their core purpose and values.

Strategy then goes all over the place. Culture is one of no-culture. This drags back organisations’ growth and is detrimental to the their potential.

In this talk the author explores what it means to have a strategy, purpose and core values by taking the example of the company he founded and is the CEO of. He shares concepts such as ‘Activity Maps’ first prepared by management guru Michael E. Porter for SouthWest Airlines and makes the example come alive (and relevant to a tech services company) by comparing with an activity map of his company.  

A story about creating a culture emerges.

Who should attend

  • Entrepreneurs
  • CXOs and Managers of small-mid sized tech companies
  • Managers and management students

(p.s.: the attached PDF would require editing and customization for the Drupalcon audience)

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