Writing high quality code.


Code quality is one of the most crucial requirements of any successful software. Few benefit of high quality code includes:

  • Lesser bugs means high quality product.
  • Easy to extend while requirements change.
  • Quick to find bugs.
  • Scalable.
  • Easy to extend team as business grows so that new developers can understand code and be productive quickly.

What is High Quality Code? Some characteristics of High Quality Code are:

  • Well structured.
  • Easy to maintain and easy to extend.
  • Easy to read (By humans, not by computers)
  • Strictly follows agreed coding standards.
  • Reliable.
  • Proper separation of concerns.
  • No redundancy etc.

Good to listen but is it possible to write such a code? Yes it is but it will need some sincere efforts. You will need to train yourself to make a habit of writing quality code. In the first part of session, we are going to cover some of principles and best practices like SOLID, KISS, DRY some refactoring tricks etc.

Developers are humans and humans make mistakes. In second part, we will go through some tools, which can help us to identify potential problems in our code, and some processes that we should follow in our team to ensure code quality. These tools include Code Sniffer, PHPCPD, PHPUnit, Phabricator, PHPLOC, Mess Decector etc.

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