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What you've always wanted to know about this year's partnership between DrupalCon Europe 2021 and the local communities:

What, Why, Where, When, How?


It's like a "Drupal Eurovision"

We are working with Drupal community organizers from around the world in creating a unique "Drupal Eurovision" experience to continue Drupal’s 20th birthday celebrations! The following camps and communities already signed up to have their event at DrupalCon Europe:



By joining, you can help bring together the International Drupal Community in making sure we have a great place for highlighting important topics and give space for discussions. You also help ensuring that the market sees that Drupal as a technology is as strong as ever.

Organize your local Drupal event at DrupalCon Europe 2021!

Are you a European Drupal event organizer? Do you plan an event for this year, or you don't have the capacity?

DrupalCon Europe 2021 is partnering with regional DrupalCamps to host the European Drupal Community (and beyond) in one big conference, with the following benefits:


  • Attendees will participate in all events with one ticket. There is less screen time for everyone with shorter days and an online optimized format.
  • Camp organizers craft their own spaces while can leave many tedious parts of the organization to DrupalCon.
  • Sponsors can target camps or the whole DrupalCon and reach more people than ever.

Camp organiser benefits

Join DrupalCon with your camp or local community and organize your own event, camp or experience. You will get a virtual space, exposure through our channels and Kuoni’s resources for tickets and content. You are free to widen the scope of your event and make it as big as you want. Or as small as you can, if you lack capacity, while still having a presence both to your local community as well as the wider audience. Upcoming camps can also greatly benefit from this year's broad international reach.

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Make your local event happen during DrupalCon Europe 2021!

Pick the right setup to keep the things that are special and unique about your camp
"Basic" package
Includes 10 tickets, designed for camps that want to support their local community and be part of DrupalCon.
"Space" package
Includes 15 tickets, designed for camps that want to have a dedicated virtual space for local community and sponsors.
"Stage" package
Includes 20 tickets, designed for camps that want the highest visibility and organize their program/activities on the stage.

Camp sponsor benefits

Being virtual offers sponsors great opportunities to reach a wider audience. DrupalCon is the place to be for recruiting new people as many people will be online. Attendees who may visit only local camps are now gathering at DrupalCon!

Sponsors can customize the experience to make the most of the expanded audience - participating DrupalCamps will provide their own unique sponsor opportunities at DrupalCon Europe. Kuoni Congress is working with Drupal community organizers to make opportunities fit their sponsors.

Check out the DrupalCon sponsor packages to see the discounts you can get by sponsoring both DrupalCon and Camps. 

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Significant benefits for camp sponsors

Have a look to the significant benefits of supporting camps
Targeted visibility in your region
Get airtime at DrupalCon
Creatively take advantage of this special year
Get wider visibility too