Innovation & best practice in digital delivery

The digital agency sector is wide and diverse, spanning many different disciplines and services, but all share a common goal - to deliver transformational digital projects through innovation and best practice. The Agency & Business track is a staple of the DrupalCon program where agency owners and teams can share ideas, learn new skills and collaborate to advance standards in leadership, project management, quality assurance, sales and marketing and digital services.


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Shared learning and actionable insight

Digital agencies are, with few exceptions, businesses that operate in a competitive market and compete for clients and projects. Coming together at DrupalCon is a unique opportunity for agencies to put community before competition in order to advance standards, develop skills and drive innovation.


The DrupalCon Agency & Business track has become famous for:

  • Agency owners sharing the latest thinking on leadership and building a winning culture within the agency business model.
  • Project management professionals illustrating critical skills and lessons in agile delivery through real world examples, not just when things have gone well, but when things go wrong too!
  • Agency teams demonstrating how to advance quality assurance and open standards
  • Sales & marketing experts showcasing how to create a point of difference in digital services and craft marketing messages that resonate.


Inspiring Stories

One of the most notable aspects of the Agency & Business track is insight from the teams behind some of the most successful digital agencies. Bringing together experts and senior executives from the agency world, DrupalCon is as famous for inspirational stories and ‘non technical’ insights as it is for code and programming skills.

Examples of previous Agency & Business Track sessions include:

  • Agency Leadership
    • Successfully Managing Distributed Teams
    • The Ten Ways of Trust
    • Drupal Agency Partnerships: Stronger, Together


  • Project Management
    • My first Drupal Project as Junior PM
    • "Flattening the Curve" with Lean Software Delivery
    • Happier teams & clients with better PM – how we improved our PM process to make our lives easier


  • Quality Assurance
    • Automated advanced visual regression testing
    • Understanding Automated Tests in Drupal
    • Utilizing the QA Engineers Throughout the Whole Project Lifecycle


  • Sales & Marketing
    • What is between agencies and freelancing?
    • Value Mapping: Communicating the Benefits of What You Do.
    • Creating more value with Drupal by offering it as a DXP


The Agency & Business track covers a wide spectrum of topics and issues so we are keen to hear from anyone working for or with a digital agency.


Lead by Example

If you want to share your insight and showcase your leadership within the agency world, we want to hear from you. We are calling on digital agency teams to submit their session proposals by the 28th June 2021. Are you a:

  • Digital agency owner or leader
  • Project management professional and team
  • Quality assurance expert
  • Sales & marketing specialist

If so, help us to make the Drupal community the most innovative and dynamic environment for digital agencies and submit your session today.

Submit your sessions now and help make DrupalCon Europe 2021 the best yet!

Contact: Will Huggins, zoocha-will, Track Chair Lead Agency & Business