Open Web & Community Track

The Drupal community is one of the largest open web communities in the world. Moreover, the Drupal community has a diverse and inclusive culture across every department. Drupal is an Open source platform, and we welcome other open web technologies to collaborate. For example, inclusion of the JSON API into Drupal core and new Decoupled menu initiatives which use a JavaScript framework, we invited developers who would like to use Drupal as a back end while also providing user-editable menus.


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In other words, the Drupal community is fantastic because of the significant contributions made from gem volunteers from around the globe. It includes everyone, irrespective of their ethnicity, gender, language, religion or any other background. They are willing to contribute back to the Drupal community with Code and other community contributions alike. And also the impact of Drupal on an individual's Life and changing stories. 

View Angie Byron's intervention

Angie Byron - Tales of Drupal Past: Origin Stories of Drupal Contributor

So, the Open Web and Community track, we encourage everyone from any open-source/open web technology to submit technical or non-technical sessions.


Contact: RakeshJames, rakesh.gectcrTrack Chair Lead Open Web & Community