An ambitious digital experience platform for the future of Australia's government

Kristen Pol

Salsa Digital has the honour of partnering with Today Design on a forward-thinking digital experience project for a leading Australian government agency. Salsa is playing a key role in the architecture and development of this consolidated web platform that aims to shape the future of the Australian government's digital presence. The pilot sites on the platform launched in August 2021 with more scheduled in the coming months.

The government agency has several goals they aim to achieve with this platform:

* Unify many disparate programs under the agency's umbrella, each with their own compelling requirements

* Lower the barrier for citizens, industry & academia to discover, identify and consume their programs' data

* Generate efficiencies and savings through deduplication of features, content, user experience, platform hosting, website maintenance and other operational costs

* Develop and maintain a high standard of security and platform resilience through uplifting people, process and technology

Leveraging Today Design's well-crafted user-centric designs, UX research, and Vue.js web components, Salsa proposed a managed digital experience platform comprised of best-in-class technologies:

* Drupal 9 - The Open Source Drupal framework has a large adoption in the Australian government for many compelling reasons including its security, flexibility, and active community

* GovCMS - The GovCMS platform-as-a-service (PaaS) is backed by the Australian government to provide a scalable and resilient IRAP security accredited platform

* QuantCDN - The QuantCDN platform is an all-in-one static web and Jamstack solution with Drupal integration to automatically track and push content when it changes

We will discuss the project's challenges and wins as well as how this leading-edge platform aims to impact the Australian government's digital future.

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When & Where

Tuesday, 5 October, 2021 - 07:00 to 07:45
Hopin - Room 2