Editing experience in Drupal (like in Wix or Squarespace)


The session will demonstrate the creation of a fully functioning modern brochure website in 30 minutes without any coding or deep knowledge of Drupal.

The dominance of cloud based web editors like Wix or Squarespace in 2020 raised the editors' experience bar quite high. Open source and proprietary content management systems alike (including Drupal) are facing the challenge to attract a larger audience and provide world class editor experience.

One of the main concerns for non-technical Drupal users is inability to deliver visual change without a developer. Cloud based web editors are winning this game by providing user friendly interfaces, quick start solutions and out of the box web hosting. It may come at the expense of accessibility and robust data structure, but in many cases marketing teams are sold on the visual aspect of editor experience.

Tomato Elephant Studio created the Bootstrap 5 theme to improve editor experience by combining the world's most popular front end framework, Drupal CMS, popular contributed modules (asset injector and block class) and wrapping the experience into a nice and friendly user interface.


users & editors


content management
editor experience
ambitious digital experiences

When & Where

Tuesday, 5 October, 2021 - 07:00 to 07:45
Hopin - Room 5