PHP 8.1 - What's New and Changed


PHP 8.1 will be released at the end of 2021, and it brings several major new features to PHP, such as Enums, Fibers, new types, final class constants, new PHP functions, AVIF image support, and a lot more.

This complete session, from the speaker of last year's PHP 8.0: What's new and changed session at DrupalCon Europe, will cover all new features in PHP 8.1, and what is being changed/deprecated in this upcoming PHP version.

Some changes such autovivification, implicit float to int conversation deprecation notices, and PHP built-in class return types can have a bigger impact on Drupal code base, and will be talked in depth as well.

## Audience
This talk is for intermediate/advanced Drupal/PHP because it will be explaining the changes and new features in PHP. Experience with other strongly typed languages is not required, but will help catch up to speed with some features such as Enums.

## What you will learn.
- New features added in PHP 8.1
- Deprecated behaviors in PHP 8.1.
- Changes with bigger impact on Drupal core/plugins.
- How to test Drupal/PHP code on PHP 8.1 today, well before the official Generally-Available release date.


makers & builders


back-end development
what's next?

When & Where

Monday, 4 October, 2021 - 13:00 to 13:45
Hopin - Room 3