The true-life experience of a Drupal content editor – we are only as good as the system is!

Kerstin Polte

Adding content in an unfinished or tested website, resizing 3MB header images, WYSIWYG editor splits, impossible text breaks with German words, or adding new content blindly without the finished frontend.... sure no problem we content editors make the impossible possible.

In my session, I would like to share experiences and difficulties I have faced during and after the design and development of Drupal pages.

I will talk about topics like:

- Missing flexibility in the system
- Decisions that were made without thinking about the people who will actually work with the page
- Mistakes that could have been avoided if a content editor were also part of the planning.
- Where do development end and content editing start
- Components with hidden surprises and trying to make the impossible possible

The goal is to create more awareness among Devs, PMs, Designers, and everyone interested.


users & editors


content management
editor experience

When & Where

Tuesday, 5 October, 2021 - 09:00 to 09:20
Hopin - Room 5