Why UK councils chose LocalGov Drupal (and didn't)

Will Callaghan, Alexandra Clark

LocalGov Drupal is a distribution used by 12 councils in the United Kingdom, with (currently) 10 more seriously considering us.

Our team has spoken to all the councils above (and a few more besides) about the factors involved in choosing Drupal, and specifically our distribution.

It's been really valuable to hear what's working, and what we need to iterate. We've heard about the challenges decision makers in councils face when picking a web publishing platform, and specific barriers to entry that we're beginning to overcome.

In a lightning quick talk of 20 mins, we will share interesting insights about Drupal, our distribution, open source and collaboration.


clients & industry experiences


digital transformation

When & Where

Wednesday, 6 October, 2021 - 14:00 to 14:20
Hopin - Room 2