Initiative Days

In addition to the first-rate content and speakers from the Drupal community we always bring to the DrupalCon program, in 2021, we are also introducing a special focus for each day Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Each day, in addition to the traditional DrupalCon content, we will have a focus on one of the Drupal Project’s Strategic Initiatives and will begin with an Initiative Keynote. Key members of the Initiative will take us all on a journey through the goals of that initiative, and how it will help create a better product for us all to build future digital experiences. Co-speakers will join the keynote to place the initiative in the wider context of the value this feature brings to Drupal. This content will not just be for developers, but for everyone who has a stake in the strategic future of Drupal.

At the conclusion of the session, all the keynote speakers will be available for discussion with attendees.

Throughout the day, the program will contain select, highlighted content that helps participants of all backgrounds and skill sets to learn in detail how the initiative works, how it will enable them to build more exciting experiences, how to sell those experiences more effectively, and how they can participate in contributing to the initiative’s success.

Following the live DrupalCon content, attendees are invited to take an active part in building the future of Drupal with mentored contribution opportunities related to the initiative for coders and non-coders alike.

Please visit each of the initiatives below to learn more about what to expect.

Decoupled Menus Day
Decoupled Menus Day
Tuesday 13 April
Easy Out of the Box Day
Easy Out of the Box Day
Wednesday 14 April
Automated Updates Day
Thursday 15 April
Drupal 10 Readiness Day
Drupal 10 Readiness Day
Friday 16 April

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