Drupal.org: Updating the tools we use for collaboration

Neil Drumm

The Drupal Association Engineering team is excited to give our bi-annual update on features and improvements we've been making to the home of the community. At each DrupalCon we review recent changes and look ahead to upcoming improvements. At DrupalCon Portland, we'll have quite a lot to talk about:

- Gitlab Acceleration - come for an update on GitLabCI, migrating Drupal.org issues, and plans for contribution credit
- Collaboration with core - learn how the Drupal Association team interfaces with the Drupal core team, and initiatives we are collaborating on
- Securing the supply chain - how are we keeping sites safe with Automatic Updates?
- Drupal.org and our sub-sites are moving to Drupal 9 (and soon 10!) - come learn more.

This session will be an informal panel and Q&A - so if you've ever been curious how the support structure for the Drupal community is managed - come join us!

When & Where

Tuesday, 26 April, 2022 - 08:30 to 09:20
Oregon Ballrooms 201-203