Contribution Events

Contributions are just as important to DrupalCon as sessions. Everyone is welcome, no matter your skill level or experience. We hope you'll join us and discover how rewarding it can be to give back to Drupal.

First Time Contribution

  • Join the first time contributor workshop and get ready to make your first contribution to Drupal!
  • Wed/Thu

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Mentored Contribution

  • Mentors will be here to help you grow your contribution skills and give back to Drupal.
  • Wed/Thu

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General Contribution

  • Find a topic-table where like-minded attendees are focused on a specific area of contribution.
  • Every day

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The General Contributions in Oregon Ballroom 204 at DrupalCon Portland will have many different ways that you can contribute to Drupal.  But if you're looking for a place to make a different, the following initiatives are organizing specific contribution efforts: 


Drupal 10 readiness

Get Drupal core ready! With a few weeks left until the targeted beta deadline for Drupal 10, work with other core contributors on issues left to make this date happen. Various tasks include making Olivero the default theme, making the Claro admin theme stable, as well as any backend work left at that point.

Make contributed projects compatible! Use tools like Upgrade Status and drupal-rector to fix Drupal 10 compatibility issues.

Improve the tools! Improve the tooling for this transition: write rector rules and/or phpstan patterns. 

Who will be there? 

  • Gábor Hojtsy(Gábor Hojtsy)
  • Matt Glaman(mglaman)

How to learn more?

Come to our session "Getting ready for Drupal 10" at 8:30am in room B116. We planned a BoF for Monday at 11am, check the BoF board live for location.



Project browser

Want to install Drupal modules from inside Drupal? We are the Project Browser Initiative, and are still working on a prototype project that will bring the ability to browse and install modules right into the Drupal user interface. 

Ready to roll up your sleeves? We’ve got coding and many non-coding and novice issues for you to work on. Everyone welcome - Documentation, Design, UX, UI, QA, Site builders, Back and front-end code, …

Have opinions? We’re looking for community input, especially from site builders and those new to Drupal, to help us with our information architecture around project metadata.

Who will be there? 

  • Leslie Glynn (leslieg)
  • Chris Wells (chrisfromredfin)

Want to learn more?

  • BoF - Intro to the Project Browser Initiative - Chris and Leslie - check the BoF board!

  • BoF - Re-thinking the project page - Leslie - check the BoF board!

  • Leslie available in the Mentored Contribution room to help with novice issues and gathering feedback on the prototype. 

  • Chris available in the General Contribution area for code-heavy contributions, or those already familiar with the process of contributing.



Gitlab on

This initiative seeks to accelerate the move of to more standard GitLab workflows, while retaining as much of our collaborative contribution style as we can. The goal is to make the experience of contributing to Drupal better for veteran contributors and newcomers alike, and to take advantage of our partnership with GitLab to keep on the leading edge of collaboration tools in the future. 

The upcoming key milestones are:

  • Migration from DrupalCI to GitLabCI

  • Creating a bridge for contribution credit from GitLab

  • Migrating issues from to GitLab issues

How can you help?

  • If you have experience with GitLab specifically, we’d love for you to share it with us during the general contributions.

  • Right now we’re focused on GitLabCI, and providing good templates and configuration options to help core and contrib maintainers test the correct combination of php versions and environments when they switch from DrupalCI to GitLabCI

  • We’re also in the process of replacing any bespoke version control tooling with the GitLab equivalent, and could use your input on how to integrate those replacements into 

Who will be there? 

The Drupal Association engineering team will be there including:

  • Tim Lehnen (hestenet)

  • Irina Zaks (irinaz)

  • Neil Drumm (drumm)

  • Ryan Aslett (mixologic)


How to learn more?

  • Check out the plan issue.

  • Attend the panel where we’ll discuss the GitLab acceleration and other Drupal Association initiatives. 

  • Join us in the General Contribution area



Automatic updates

Automatic Updates was the #1 requested feature in the last product survey of Drupal Site Builders, and they’re almost here. The Automatic Update initiative team has a contrib beta ready and we could use your help to test it out! We’ll also be working through the process of getting the system ready for inclusion in Drupal core, and then planning how to extend the functionality to include automatic updates for contributed modules as well. 

How can you help?

Come to the contribution area and help test the Automatic Updates contrib beta. Work on open issues in the Automatic Updates project. Help the Drupal Association team test the secure package signing architecture. Test out the module on your local development setup and/or your hosting environment.

Who will be there? 

  • Ted Bowman (tedbow)

  • Tim Lehnen (hestenet)

  • Neil Drumm (drumm)

How to learn more?

  • Check out the initiative page and the project page: Automatic Updates

  • Attend @tedbow’s session outlining the plan to bring Automatic Updates into Drupal core: Getting Ready for Automatic Updates in Drupal core

  • Join us in the General Contribution area

  • Attend the BoF at 9:30am on Monday to try out automatic updates

  • Join @tedbow on Tuesday at 10am in the general contribution room (204) to test automatic updates on your sites



Decoupled menus

We’re focusing on getting to a point where we can declare this specific initiative complete and could use help in a few specific focus areas.

Migrate Decoupled Menus Endpoint to Core


Who will be there? 

Co-lead Brian Perry (brianperry) will be at DrupalCon.

Want to learn more?

  • Decoupled Menus Initiative BOF - check the BoF board

  • Brian Perry will be available in the general contribution area

  • #decoupled-menus-initiative on slack




Claro is the new administration theme that should become the default for Drupal 10, deprecating Seven.

Beta requirements need to be ready by mid-May, so we should fix all the remaining Claro stable blockers before and finish the needed steps to deprecate Seven.

Who will be there? 

  • Cristina Chumillas (ckrina)
  • Lauri Eskola (lauriii)


Roadmap to Stabilize Claro:

Make Claro the default admin theme:

Design System:

Want to learn more?

Let's meet at the BoF: Make Claro the new Drupal 10 admin theme with Lauri and Cristina - check the BoF board!




Olivero is the new frontend theme that should become the default for Drupal 10, deprecating Bartik. While Olivero is stable already, it still need to be made the default in Standard profile, so we can deprecate Bartik. Most of the tasks left are backend fixes: updating tests, etc.

Who will be there? 

  • Mike Herchel (mherchel)


Make Olivero the default theme for Drupal 10:

Want to be involved?

Mike will be at the contribution room at various times, especially at 10am on Thursday. Find the Olivero table and join the team there!