Agency & Business Track

The community of organizations that use Drupal and the agencies and businesses that provide professional services for them, are a powerful source of innovation and ideas. At DrupalCon, this community comes together to share ideas, discuss challenges and offer actionable advice. The track is tailored for business owners, website product owners, agency executives, and project managers to share knowledge and insight about how to leverage Drupal to grow their businesses and to help ensure their Drupal projects are delivered on-time while maintaining high standards. Sessions in this track will be non-technical by nature, focusing on a range of topics from team diversity to latest thinking in project management.

Keywords: Management, Leadership, Quality, Sales, Agile

Featured Track Speakers

Anthony Fox-Davies & Evgeniy Maslovskiy
CEO SystemSeed & CTO SystemSeed
Michel Van Velde
Managing Director iO

The 17 ingredients for a successful agency
Experience Level:  Beginner

Tearyne Almendariz
Lead Drupal Diversity and Inclusion Initiative
Paulina Ryters & Thomas Haustein
Client Service Director FFW Agency & Head of Platform Leica Camera AG
Tracy Evans & Jeffrey McGuire
Partner Open Strategy Partners GmgH

A Communications Playbook to Grow your Agency
Experience Level:  Intermediate

Janne Kalliola
Chief Growth Officer Exove