Users & Editors Track

Are you a content editor or strategist, digital marketer, UX practitioner or designer? Come to see how to use Drupal to reach your organisation’s digital goals, to create content, or to design an editorial experience. Explore Drupal’s capabilities and new features for content management and digital marketing.

Keywords: UX, Editor Experience, Content Strategy, Digital Marketing, Content Management

Featured Track Speakers

Rakhi Mandhania
Director of Business QED42

The Crossroads of Data, UX and Content Strategy
Experience Level: Intermediate

Jeremy Chinquist
Project Manager drunomics G.m.b.H.
Justin Toupin
CEO Aten Design Group
Wiktor Walc
President & CPO CK Source
Sascha Eggenberger
Senior Product Designer GitLab

Let's talk about Gin!
Experience Level: Beginner

Suzanne Dergacheva
Co-founder Evolving Web