Makers & Builders Track

Do you want to discover how building a Drupal website or application is the result of many different disciplines or even crafts? This track is the combination of DevOps, backend development, site building, frontend development, and accessibility competencies. All the right ingredients for a perfect Drupal recipe. This track is for everyone interested in Drupal development including all disciplines and all levels of experience. This track is for both technical profiles but also anyone interested in how Drupal works from the inside.

Keywords: Development, Back End Development, Front End Development, PHP, Javascript,  SEO, DevOps, Contribution, Performance, Scalability, Security, Integrations, APIs

Featured Track Speakers

Nicolas Grekas
Core-team member Symfony
Mike Herchel & Lauri Eskola
Senior Front-end Developer AVB Digital & Staff Software Engineer Acquia
Fabian Franz
VP of Software Engineering Tag1 Consulting Inc.
Shweta Sharma & Akanksha Singh
Director of Quality Engineering Services
Mauricio Dinarte
Developer Agaric

Getting started with Drupal
Experience Level: Beginner

Erik Erskine & Stella Power
Senior Backend Developer Annertech & Managing Director Annertech

Migrating at Scale - How to not … fail!
Experience Level: Intermediate