Best Practices for Long-term Management of Drupal Sites


I have been working with Drupal for 14 years and this session is a result of my experience developing, maintaining and being involved with hundreds of Drupal sites in various stages, teams and in different industries.

All topics in this session are Drupal-specific. I will not mention generic best practices such as hosting, coding standards, front end choices and other aspects that are not unique to Drupal.

Session is aimed primarily towards developers and site builders, though other technically-inclined people might find it interesting as well.

Below is the high-level overview of topics I want to cover. Let me know please if you want me to elaborate on any of this:
- Organizing the admin
- Strategy for creating entities and fields
- Different approaches to user roles and accounts
- Documentation and knowledge sharing
- Custom code: modules, setting switches and themes
- Misc items: patches, tagging entities, logging, restricting access and updates

When & Where

Wednesday, 18 October, 2023 - 15:00 to 15:45
Room D12 Dropsolid