Drupal performances from real production projects


By design, Drupal is slow. If your application needs to scale and if it takes a lot of requests, you need to optimize Drupal and its infrastructure.
From Redis to Nginx, PHP-FPM to PHP Opcode, Drupal and its cache bins through Blackfire performance assertions and Drupal workflow, I’ll explain real use cases to get a faster Drupal app on production.

What will be covered:
- Drupal performance basics
- Redis and Igbinary
- PHP-FPM config with calculation method
- Opcode: understand it to optimize it
- Garbage collection configuration
- Cache Bins: understand it to adjust it
- Nginx: huge subject but I'll give you some tricks
- Blackfire: performance from CI to production

Intense but fun!

When & Where

Wednesday, 18 October, 2023 - 11:30 to 12:15
Room D6 amazee.io