Drupal Recipes: From #Driesnote to Initiative

Alex Pott

At DrupalCon Portland in April, Dries proposed a new initiative: Drupal Starter Templates.

This proposal has led to the creation of the Distributions & Recipes initiative.

The idea behind Drupal Recipes is similar to the idea of distributions - they provide a pre-packaged set of Drupal modules and configuration to serve a particular use-case or industry vertical. There might be a blogging, commerce, or higher education recipe.

The difference is, Drupal Recipes should be easier to create and maintain, and should be installable and even combinable using the same tools that are being built to support the Project Browser initiative.

So how will these new Drupal recipes actually be architected? How will they *really* be different from the current concept of distributions? And how can they be leveraged to give the ambitious site builder a headstart on their next Drupal project?

When & Where

Wednesday, 18 October, 2023 - 17:15 to 18:00
Room C1 Acquia