Great new features of Drupal Gutenberg editor -and proper snacks for developers

Marco Fernandes

Drupal Gutenberg has been around for some years and is now among the top 400 most used Drupal 9 modules. Users keep praising how easy it is to use and how good it looks. Gutenberg Editor keeps evolving and shiny new features are added.

This session will show the main new features already available in Drupal Gutenberg:
- Patterns: Content templates easy to set up and always available to use on the editor.
- More control over the editor from your theme: Control over block options (including core blocks) are now more granular and easily set up on a YAML configuration file.
- Even more visual goodies: Duotone filter and cropping out-of-the-box.
- Dynamic blocks: The best of both worlds! Build an amazing block’s UI for your editors and have the power of Drupal+Twig when rendering at frontend.
Also in this session we will show some best practices to build custom blocks and how development got easier but, at the same time, more flexible with Gutenberg blocks API version 2.

And, because we keep hearing opinions on the advantages of having structured content and how the Gutenberg editor wouldn’t fit most use cases because of that, we’ll try to “demystify” this subject and show you some of our use cases. We will show, with minimal work, how you can retrieve structured data from Gutenberg content. –Because you can :)

When & Where

Thursday, 19 October, 2023 - 16:15 to 17:00
Room D6