What GitLab has learned from Drupal and what can Drupal potentially learn from GitLab

Nick Veenhof

In April 2022 I started as GitLab's Director of Contributor Success. GitLab was at the time looking at how to incentivize, reward and build a sustainable ecosystem where contributors would be proud of what they build and co-create with GitLab. As I have 15 years of Drupal experience and as organizer of the Drupal Developer Days, I knew quite something about the Drupal ecosystem ;-)

In this session I will explain

* What the differences are between the Drupal Ecosystem & the Gitlab ecosystem, how do both Open Source ecosystems work and what are the parallels
* How proud the Drupal community should be on what it became, and why
* What are the different systems to incentivize, reward & maintain contributors to your Open Source project. How do both ecosystems implement this?
* What did I learn from my time at GitLab that maybe could be beneficial to Drupal.org
* What is on the public roadmap of Gitlab.com that could be of interest to the Drupal community or is inspired by
* Things you might not know about GitLab ;-)

Hope to see you there!

When & Where

Tuesday, 17 October, 2023 - 16:15 to 17:00
Room D12 Dropsolid