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Tag1 & Google Performance Workshop

Getting your User Experience right, which includes performance, is critical for success. It’s a key driver of many success metrics ( and a factor taken into account by platforms, including search engines, that surface links to your site (

Quantifying User Experience is not always easy, so one way to measure, track and improve it is by using Core Web Vitals (CWV, Building a site with great CWV on Drupal is easier than on many platforms on average ( and yet there are certain tips and pitfalls you should be aware of.

In this workshop the team from Tag1 and Google (Michael Meyers, Andrey Lipattsev and others) will use real life examples of Drupal-based websites to illustrate some common pain points and the corresponding solutions. If you would like us to take a look at your website and provide actionable advice, please submit the URL via this link (

The Workshop is interactive, so bring your laptop - we'll get you up and running and teach you hands-on how to code for the relevant improvements. We cannot guarantee that all the submissions will be analysed as this depends on the number of submissions and the time that we have. However, we will make sure that all the major themes cutting across the submitted sites will be covered with relevant solutions.

See you in Prague!


Date: Wednesday, 21 September
Time: 16:15- 18:00 CEST
Location: Room D8 1xInternet