Making DrupalCon Environmentally Sustainable

DrupalCon North America and Europe are the the biggest Drupal event in the world. Like any other events this size DrupalCon impacts the environment. Which is where, I guess, we should throw in the word sustainability.

At the Drupal Association, we strive to make DrupalCon a sustainable event in every sense and that includes reducing our impact on the environment. Here are some facts from the previous DrupalCon in North America that might interest you:

  • DrupalCon Baltimore was attended by close to 3300 people.

  • Here are our catering needs over a period of 5 days:

    • Lunches served - 9200

    • Coffee -750 gallons

    • Beers - 1500 cups

Not only is there food waste but cardboard/paper and metal waste that can all be recycled.

How do we ensure that we are working towards a more sustainable event? We have a great production team that helps us achieve our goals to minimize waste, and it helps when community members register early - that gives us a more accurate headcount. Read more about our sustainability achievements at DrupalCon Baltimore in a blog by Diana Connolly, our Production Manager from Groundswell Marketing - Cocktails with Connolly – Baltimore: Talking Trash in Charm City