Sign Up to be a Mentor

We are looking for volunteers to serve as mentors to help new contributors at our Mentored Core Sprint at DrupalCon Vienna. Mentors help new contributors set up their development environments, find tasks, and work on issues. We will hold a sprint and training session that will help prepare mentors - be sure to attend this session!

Here's how you can help

  • Attend mentor events at DrupalCon:
    • Mentor for a half day or the whole day during the Mentored Core Sprint on Friday 29 September
    • Assist participants in First-Time Sprinter Workshop on Friday 29 September
    • Review participants' work on the day of the sprint
    • Help organize the sprint day: help people choose the right sprint room for them, greet people, take pictures, etc.

Learn more about mentoring at Drupal events.

Due to limited quantities, you may not be able to collect both a Sprint Mentor shirt and a DrupalCon attendee shirt.
Interested in taking on a sprint lead role or assisting with advanced planning? Read about the responsibilities of mentor leads and let us know.


Ashwini Kumar (ashwinikumar),
Tushar Thatikonda (th_tushar),
Brian Gilbert (realityloop),
Rachel Lawson (rachel_norfolk),
Levi Govaerts (legovaer),
shashi sharma (jmccargo),
Guy Owen (GRO),
Roy Segall (RoySegall),
Kevin Kaland (wizonesolutions),
John Cook (John Cook),
Andrii Iun (andriyun),
Tim Plunkett (tim.plunkett),
Valery Lourie (valthebald),
Marc van Gend (marcvangend),
Erik Stielstra (Sutharsan),
Juanluis Lozano (vulcanr),
Dmytro Danylevskyi (danylevskyi),
Karthik Kumar D K (heykarthikwithu),
Roy Segall (RoySegall),
Vijaya Chandran Mani (vijaycs85),
Tushar Thatikonda (th_tushar),
Naveen Valecha (naveenvalecha),
Oliver Davies (opdavies),
Ruben Teijeiro (rteijeiro),
Andrii Iun (andriyun),
Tamás Hajas (thamas),
Gregg Marshall (greggmarshall),
Mauricio Dinarte (dinarcon),
Manauwar Alam (manauwarsheikh),
Jordana Fung (jordana),
Cathleen Theys (YesCT),
Nate Lampton (quicksketch),
Elli Ludwigson (ekl1773),
Michael Lenahan (michaellenahan),
Ekes Zwarte (ekes),
Fatima Khalid (sugaroverflow),
Yogendra Prasad (yogen.prasad),
Alex Burrows (aburrows),
Matthew Grill (drpal),
Balu Ertl (Balu Ertl),
Frans Kuipers (franskuipers),
Joao Ventura (jcnventura),
Finn Lewis (finn.lewis),
Dipak Yadav (dipakmdhrm),
Peter Gerken (fisherman90),
Jakub Piasecki (zaporylie),
Arne Sneyers (Pnoia),
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