Programming Announced with 132 DrupalCon Sessions

One of the most exciting aspects of preparing for a DrupalCon is selecting its sessions. It’s always incredibly impressive and humbling to see the great ideas that our community comes up with—and they’re all so good that making the official selections is definitely not an easy process!

This time, the Track Chairs had over 500 sessions to evaluate, and only 108 hours worth of time to select. With the addition of the 25-minute talk option, we were able to accept 132 sessions to fill our programming time.

Four tracks—Being Human, Coding and Development, Business, and Site Building—were our most competitive. With 60+ sessions each, this really shows the diversity of content to which our community can talk, and wants to share.

After reading through each session, we're happy to present our selected sessions. We are happy to share that of the 132 sessions, 42 of them include at least one speaker who self-identified as part of one or more underrepresented groups (based on the Big Eight social identifiers question we had in our CFP). There will be voices from almost 90 companies. We're also excited to announce that a little over 37% of the sessions featured will include a new-to-DrupalCon speaker to provide new and different perspectives. 

See the Selected Sessions

Sessions will be presented on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of DrupalCon, along with daily morning keynotes and exciting sponsor activities in the Exhibit Hall. Make sure to purchase your ticket at the early-bird price by 4 August 2017 before prices go up.

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