Reserve your room for DrupalCon Vienna

For DrupalCon Vienna, our partner hotel, Courtyard Vienna Prater, is located in the Trabrennstraße area, where you can explore St. Stephen's Cathedral and Vienna's famous Prater park. And, the hotels we chose are perfect hubs for connecting you to a rewarding DrupalCon experience.

The fun is where the Drupalers are. Stay with us at a partner hotel to network and socialize after sessions end.

If you stay with us at the Courtyard Vienna Prater, you’ll likely to run into an old Drupal friend at the Lobby Bar or meet the person who can answer your Drupal question in the Grü Bistro or Grü Lounge. And, it’s close to the Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center - just down the road.


Here are 4 great reasons why staying at a partner hotel can benefit you and the community:

  • It’s close: Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center is just down the road from Courtyard Vienna Prater.

  • A lot of the community members chose to stay with our partner hotels, which gives you the opportunity to catch-up with fellow Drupalistas at any hour of the day.

  • Breakfast and WiFi: Let’s not forget: Drupalistas are powered by WiFi, and you also get a buffet breakfast for free.

  • Another way to give back to the community: Our strength comes from our great numbers; by staying at the partner hotel you are helping Drupal Association and DrupalCon. DrupalCon draws a crowd of thousands for a week long event. By showing a strong track record of attendance and hotel room registrations, you help us negotiate better deals at each DrupalCon location.


Using history as a baseline, Drupal Association guarantees to the hotel that we’ll fill a percentage of the negotiated space. If we meet that target then we can keep our production cost low and with collective bargaining power we can provide more benefits to the community. That means keeping the perks you are used to getting as we review future locations. Perks like these:

  • Reduced your room prices by about 10%.

  • Free in room WiFi and access to other facilities.

    • Lots of attendees in hotel rooms, means lots of local tax contributions. When cities know our attendees are staying in partner hotels and paying local taxes, they offer us discounts that help keep DrupalCon ticket prices low for you.

With little more than a month left before DrupalCon - don’t wait. Reserve your room now.