Admin Theming & design for a modern Drupal 8


Drupal 8 feels and look like Drupal 7 for the backenduser - Not the developer, that knows about all the REST, twig, cmi,  [insert more buzzwords here] awesomeness. Sadly this makes Drupal feel like its a dinasour from 2010 - and not the modern, fresh system for powering a web experience.

So What can we do about the presentation of Drupal 8. Can fancy design help us out to get rid of the smell of 2010 ?

Why do Drupal8 look like Drupal7 ??

  • Why is this very bad for the adobtion of Drupal.
  • The state of drupals admin experience.
  • Drupals lack of seperation of frontend & backend.

The wonders of Developer driven design.

  • Patterns  that became a truth "this is how we do it"
  • Tables - we Love tables they are made for data!
  • What if the Germans made the Design & the Italians made the Engine ?

Rethinking the design of the admin experience.

  • Dont reinvent everything.
  • Taking one step back, re think the experience for the user, not the developer.
  • What do we want to achive by this ?

a design language for a Drupal experience.

  • 1em, 16px, 8pt - making simple rules for an advanced system.
  • Design first, implementation later.

This one goes to 11

  • The Eleven Design project.
  • Frontend Facing admin interface.
  • Backend facing admin interface.
  • eleven theme.

This talk is about showing  some the design problems that drupal over the years have inherited by beeing a developer driven project, and point to a way out of this, so we can make Drupal be pretty.

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Front End

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When & Where

Tuesday, 26 September, 2017 - 10:45 to 11:45