Being a better mentor


We all learn and grow in what we do. Regardless of your experience level, age, learning style or job description, there is always a next step. What’s even better: as colleagues or community members, we can help each other to take the next step.

Have you ever answered questions or given feedback, allowing peers to increase their knowledge? Did you happen to help someone who was struggling in communicating with colleagues, customers, or core contributors? Excellent, you have already started mentoring! Just like programming, mentoring is a skill you can develop.

In this presentation we will share our experience and insights in mentoring our co-workers, both in a company context as well as in the community. During this session, we will encourage you to also share your mentoring experiences.

During this session you will

  • Get various examples of learning forms.

  • Learn about psychological learning modes.

  • Learn that joining the community can help improving your skills.

  • Get tips on how to give feedback.

  • Learn that mentoring is awesome.

The speakers, Erik and Marc, have ample experience mentoring at work and at Drupal events. They have developed their own learning materials for training new and experienced Drupal developers and end users.

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Being Human

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When & Where

Thursday, 28 September, 2017 - 10:45 to 11:45
Lehar 2