Building high performing teams to deliver at scale



  • What level of knowledge should attendees have before walking into your session:  BASIC OR NONE
  • You’re a member of a project team. Everyone else on the team isn’t where you are. Or when you are. Or as up to speed with, Agile as, performant, always-on or as Drupal as you are.

    Here’s how we overcame all of that and produced a performant, happy team across multiple Scrum teams, agencies, products and timezones.


    Based on our experience of delivering large enterprise Drupal solutions for our global blue chip clients, our session will describe some of the challenges faced and the solutions our widespread project team uses every day to overcome them.


    In 25 minutes we’ll give you our notes on the tools, techniques and methodologies we learned, discarded, adapted and kept, and how we continually evolve everything we do to cater for the very different needs and drivers of our business, colleagues and clients.


    The topics we will cover, including real world examples:

    Dealing with geography without becoming history

    Agency boundaries and collaborative working

    Multiple scrum teams interfacing with one client across multiple products

    Design dreams v development wakeups

    Collaborative and respectful culture in the name of the project

    Stepping a confident path toward openness and transparency internally, (and with the client…)

    Using common language and definitions

    Tools and task automation

    Building a productive culture via guilds and tribes and beer and foam hammers


Session Track

Project Management

Experience Level


Drupal Version

When & Where

Tuesday, 26 September, 2017 - 14:15 to 14:40
Schubert 6