Core Accessibility: How are we doing, and what can we do better?

Kristen Pol

We often hear "I don't know what accessibility means" or "accessibility is hard" or "we don't have budget to deal with accessibility". We sometimes hear "the site must be 508 compliant" or the vague "the site must be accessible".

As we build Drupal websites, our exposure to the world of accessibility is often driven by the client or website owner. If they have accessibility requirements, we learn about these and try to met their needs. Sometimes, it's driven by our own desire or need to make our websites consumable for more people.

In Drupal core, we've been making good strides incorporating accessibility best practices into the UX and markup. It’s not only important to help increase Drupal product adoption in some markets (e.g. the public sector) that have strict requirements, but accessibility is important to make Drupal sites reach the most people with varying backgrounds and abilities. This can be good for business. It is certainly good for our humanity.

Let's discuss:

  • Briefly, what are some components of accessibility
  • What are some recent core accessibility improvements?
  • How do we think we are doing overall in core?
  • What are we working on now?
  • What are some of the challenges we face?
  • How can the community help?

This is a core conversation, so bring your concerns, opinions, and suggestions, and be ready to chime in!

Intended Audience:

Anyone interested in how we are doing on accessibility in core and with ideas of how we might improve.

Skill Levels:

This session is suitable for all levels.

Session Track

Core Conversations

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When & Where

Wednesday, 27 September, 2017 - 10:45 to 11:45
Schubert 3