Drupal 8 in a microservices world


Drupal 8 allows us to get off the island and integrate with a lot of great PHP packages. But still a lot of things are more easily of efficently implementable in other languages or technologies.

We have to see Drupal 8 as piece of a bigger puzzle. With the Symfony components, Composer to manage external dependencies and the great results of the WSCCI initiative, integrate Drupal 8 in a microservices architecture is more easy than ever.

In this talk we will go through a real system we've build to demonstrate that even a medium application can leverage those techniques easily.

We will see:

  • how to delegate asyncronous work from Drupal to a bunch of very reactive applications written in Go using some RabbitMq queues
  • how to use Elasticsearch as a common data storage between services
  • how to expose REST endpoints where the external services of the architecture can notificate back to Drupal
  • how to connect to a websocket server to push and pull messages between services
  • how to use Ansibile and Docker to describe and run all these services in a controlled and replicable way

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When & Where

Wednesday, 27 September, 2017 - 12:00 to 13:00
Lehar 1