Drupal and the Ethereum Blockchain


Here are my slides http://slides.com/digitaldonkey/drupal-ethereum-2

Blockchains have received a lot of media attention in the passed year and considered a game changer of the Internet. Blockchains add an immutable layer of trust to web applications by being a distributed ledger that is a tamper-proof history of all transactions sent to it.

This enables a lot of new applications and business models currently being explored by pioneers. These include asset management and tracking, borderless payments, automated payments (IOT), decentralized certification, decentralized registries and much more.

In this session I present my ongoing development integrating the Ethereum blockchain with Drupal.

While blockchain is a peer-to-peer technology that can be used in fully decentralized p2p architectures, I will give an introduction to the semi-decentralized architecture my Drupal Ethereum module uses, explain the basics of the underlying PHP Ethereum library I'm writing in parallel and provide an outlook on potential applications.

Currently I'm working on a new implementation of Single-Sign-On using Ethereum cryptography without on-chain transactions. I will explain how this can be used for document signing.

Ethereum is an open source blockchain platform that is programmable via smart contracts. Integration with Drupal would allow organizations to integrate Ethereum into their user registry workflows and begin to explore blockchain's benefits.

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Tuesday, 26 September, 2017 - 14:50 to 15:15
Lehar 3