Elm and Haskell -- Getting off the island. Way off.


For the past 4 years in Gizra, we have been building Decoupled sites. Drupal serves the backend, and Elm in the front.

Going "Headless" has been a way for us to yank out the parts of Drupal we didn't like (looking at you form API and theme layer), and using the parts we better liked (user management, entity system, RESTful module, etc).

But after getting a glimpse into the FP (functional programming) world introduced to us by Elm, we started looking at other solutions. And we fell down the rabbit hole.

Suddenly, even some parts of what we liked in Drupal seemed less lovable. It's not Drupal's fault. It's PHP's fault. We have reached the point where we feel that not using a compiler or a type safe language is wrong.

We still use PHP. We still love Drupal. We just saw other ways of building websites, and this session is an overview of the languages, tools, mindset, and eco-systems of Elm and Yesod (a Haskell framework).

The session is meant for Drupal developers who want to see and understand other web development paradigms.

No FP, Elm or Haskell knowledge is required.

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Wednesday, 27 September, 2017 - 14:15 to 14:40
Lehar 3