How to go from one to seven companies around the world and how to run them


You could call it a corporate existential crisis; the moment you see your business growing, it’s various potential, and question every future reaching decision. More specifically, all business owners come to the point where he or she thinks about diversification. Do I grow this pride and joy into one giant team or keep it small but multiplied? You either open another office at another location or offering a new service.

The questions roll in; what are the right approaches for something you willing pour blood, sweat, and tears into? When let alone where is the right time and place to fund a new company, are you even the Head of the new venture or to you bring someone in? If you step away to start the new venture who do you entrust to lead your current team, is it one of your own or a new trusted source? If you go global, how then do you run these multiple companies in different time zones?

If these mind racking questions beginning to plague you and your founders then it’s time to start devising a game plan and assessing what roads you want your organization to go down.

Dania Gerhardt and Michael Schmid, both Owners and Co-Founders of the Amazee Group will present the approaches and challenges with diversifying the Amazee companies. They will walk through the road from a single Zurich development shop, to what is today seven different companies providing four different services while running on a global clock.

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Wednesday, 27 September, 2017 - 10:45 to 11:45
Schubert 4-5