Evolution of Digital and Retail Stores Leveraging Drupal


How do you make an already highly engaging physical store an even better experience? By innovating!  A telco giant did the exact same by digitizing their price tags.

In this presentation we will be talking about how Drupal is core to our client's strategy in general and how it is solving the content problem for our Digital Price Tags or the DPTs.

The conversation will be centered around how we manage content for DPTs for mulitple Local Markets each while still being on the same system (single tenancy). 

We will talk in general about

  • Why Drupal became the technology of choice in the telco's ecosystem?

  • How Drupal and a combination of technologies is helping them increase the User Engagement?

  • How the digital and retail stores are being given a new leash of life?

We will also be talking about a template management framework devised

  1. to solve the problem of repetitive , boring content across all markets.
  2. how editors can repurpose their content
  3. details of architecture of the system and how the framework helps connecting with other internal systems to leverage the feature

This talk will be a case study in seeing Drupal as a framework to manage an application (and not just a website) that seeks out to increase user engagement in stores.


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When & Where

Tuesday, 26 September, 2017 - 13:00 to 14:00
Stolz 2