Drupal Enterprise Marketing as a Global Business Alliance


In the recent years, Drupal went through transformations which made the platform a good fit for enterprises. Price sensitive sectors like Government and NGO were the first ones to pick up. While a handful of companies managed to market their Drupal-powered brands as global leaders, there is not enough investment and coordination in marketing Drupal as a whole to compete against billion dollar companies.

Session Overview

This session will outline the next steps of the Global Drupal Business Alliance and how Drupal companies can contribute to a successful future of Drupal in the enterprise sector.

While being leaders in technology many companies around the world face challenges growing, marketing their businesses and Drupal as a whole. To tackle these issues companies from all major markets set the goal to create a democratic alliance. This platform shall provide Drupal companies with informed solutions to often complex questions and support the Drupal project in marketing matters.

In 2010 the Drupal community started a variety of business & marketing related events like the CXO Days, Product Meetups, Business Summits, Drupal Awards and the European Drupal Business Days with the goal to unite business leaders. Just recently Michel van Velde made a valid case for Community-Driven Marketing.

Key Takeaways
  • KPIs of successful solution marketing
  • Open source vs proprietary marketing
  • What can we learn from other Open source communities
  • How to advance Community Driven Marketing (crowd-sourced marketing materials, assets, tools, and campaigns to demonstrate the benefits of Drupal and open-source as a whole)
  • Present the “Drupal Buyer Survey”
  • How to contribute to the "Drupal Enterprise CMS" distribution and become part of the "Drupal Enterprise Vendor Network"
  • Our 2018 roadmap for an expanding business ecosystem
Target Audience
  • Drupal Agency Executives & Management
  • Drupal Community Leaders
  • Marketeers & Growth Hackers


About The Speaker

Ivo Radulovski is managing partner at trio-group, where he leads Drupal development of enterprise IT solutions for some of the world's best companies. He was responsible for several major conferences and events in Europe attended by top executives from more than 30 countries. (European Drupal Gov Days Brussels 2011, Drupalcon Munich Business Summit 2012, European Drupal Business Days 2012, 2017) For the Drupal Community, he manages the Drupal Foundation Bulgaria, where he also organizes the yearly Drupal Camps.

Ivo has been featured as a speaker at the Global Webit Congress, several times at DrupalCon and Startup Grind. His speeches cover topics from Entrepreneurship, Business Development and Digital Strategies, to Innovation in Government. His current focus is on “Innovation, Enterprise IT & Marketing Strategy”.

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When & Where

Thursday, 28 September, 2017 - 13:00 to 13:25
Schubert 1-2