Mastering Drupal 8 Views


Views was used on more than 80% of all Drupal 7 sites; now it is part of the Drupal 8 core.

Join in a father/daughter discussion about Views.

  • Learn how to take full advantage of Views' power to create many amazing pages and blocks.
  • Use filters to display only a relevant subset of your data.
  • Instead of building 10 different view displays with different filters, learn how a contextual filter would require only a single display.
  • Use relationships to combine data from several entities.
  • Using contributed modules, Views can turn your data into maps, carousels, and other unique displays.

In this session, we'll start by clarifying termininology



  • Then we'll modify a view built into core that everyone uses, the content page to create a custom content editor dashboard.
  • From there, we'll build our own simple what's new content list.
  • Next we'll expand and extend that list to create more complex displays, including maps and carousels.
  • Finally we'll look at ways to make Views display exactly what you want in the format you want it..
    • Create displays of content that are automatically updated when you add new content
    • Show maps and rotating image carousels on your site
    • Use fields from more than one content type to create powerful views of multi-table data
    • Modify the field data being displayed, combining it in different ways or changing the HTML that might be normally generated
    • Add headers and footers above and below a views display
    • Make the output of your view look exactly like the designer specifies
    • Change the order in which a list of content is displayed, limit the content shown to only certain content types or values
    • Filter content using values passed to the view in the URL, making a single view work different ways

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Site Building

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When & Where

Tuesday, 26 September, 2017 - 15:45 to 16:45
Lehar 2