Migrate Everything into Drupal 8


Overview: - We all know, now is the time to move into Drupal 8 from the other Drupal versions. And it is very important for a Drupal developer to know details about Migrating data into Drupal 8. From the experience of migrating a Legacy System which built on Adobe ColdFusion(And currently working on D7 to D8 having more than 6GB of Data), would like to discuss the following points,

  • Migration Modules in Drupal 8 Core.
  • Migrate Source Plugin.
    • Why or When we need to write Migrate Source plugin?
    • How to Write Migrate source plugin?
    • Migrating from JSON and CSV.
  • Migrate Process Plugin.
    • Why or When we need to write Migrate Process plugin?
    • How to Write Migrate Process plugin?
  • Migration using Drush.
  • D6 to D8 migration.
  • D7 to D8 migration.

In Addition to this, will be having a live demo about the Migrate plugins and User Interface migration of 7 to 8.

Session Takeaway : - How to migrate Data into Drupal 8?

Expected Attendees:- Any ones wants to know about Drupal 8 migration.

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Coding and Development

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Drupal Version

When & Where

Tuesday, 26 September, 2017 - 10:45 to 11:45
Lehar 4