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Drupal Core frontend is in a difficult position. The API-first folks are making great progress. They're succeding in making sure people who don't need drupal frontend don't have to deal with it. For the rest of us, visible work slowed down since Drupal 8.x release on most frontend subjects. Meanwhile the web didn't slow down at all and we'll soon fall behind on important topics if nothing is done during the next few minor releases.

In this conversation we'll start by going over the big shift from mobile-first to offline-first (a.k.a. progressive web apps) that the rest of the web started taking a while back and what it means for Drupal. Then it'd be great to hear from people who implemented a progressive web app (with or without drupal) or from people with experience in other CMS how those CMS are approaching the subjet. It's at a level where it would make sense to collaborate across CMS if there is an opportunity.

Some of the question that would be great to discuss:

  • How to best ship Drupal core as a progressive web app?
  • Which use-cases should be addressed by default?
  • What is reasonable to ask from visitors/editors/admins regarding this feature?
  • How to deal with PWAs pitfalls (stale cache, https requirements, etc.)?
  • Are there other CMS with a more advanced reflexion on this?
  • and many more.

By the end of the session it'd be great to have a clearer idea of what the scope of an offline initiative could look like by drawing lines around what is necessary, interesting, overkill.

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Thursday, 28 September, 2017 - 14:15 to 15:15
Schubert 3