Wait, there’s more! - Advanced debugging tactics


Remember when you started doing Drupal, and print_r() or drupal_set_message() were the greatest PHP debugging tools ever? By now, most of us figured out that even Krumo (or Kint) isn't ideal. And that’s not all!

Are you still using console.log() or alert() to debug your JavaScript? Wait, there is more!

This is where debuggers come in. If there’s only a grain of truth in Bram Cohen’s quote "90% of coding is debugging. The other 10% is writing bugs", we better get very good at debugging.

This intermediate session assumes you know how to open the Development Tools in your browser, and how to put a breakpoint in your PHP using PhpStorm and Xdebug. But there's more to debugging than pausing your code. Are you ready to take your next steps?

Daniël and Marc will step through a range of debugging tools and tactics, for instance: conditional breakpoints, manipulating variables on-the-fly, debugging on the command line, JavaScript debugging in your browser, debugging tests and debugging on a mobile device. Expect a practical session about techniques you can start using today.

The speakers, Daniël Smidt and Marc van Gend, are all-round Drupal developers. Together they have almost 20 years of Drupal experience in coding, site building, theming and debugging.

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Coding and Development

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Thursday, 28 September, 2017 - 13:35 to 14:00
Lehar 2